About me

I’m here to help you drop that stubborn weight, so that you can enjoy your life, have fun and be one of those chicks who doesn’t have to try on different outfits every morning until you find one that you feel great in … or doesn’t feel like you’re stuffed into something that’s 5 sizes too small.


You’re battling laziness… and you’re losing.

You tell yourself that it’s time to drop the extra weight, but you’ve gone the gym membership route and hated the gym because it was full of size 0 chicks in full makeup or overly muscled dudes who only grunt.

You keep thinking about working out and, well, that latest episode of Criminal Minds is on and you HAVE to watch it.  Shemar Moore trumps working out. FACT.

Your life is very full and you just don’t have the time to work out.

As every day passes, you make another excuse why you don’t have time to work out, and the muffin top suddenly appears out of nowhere.  Where the hell did that come from??

Until one day, while at work, you feel like you’re gonna pop like a can of raw croissant dough! Ugh.  With a rubber band in hand, you make your way to the women’s restroom to unbutton the top button of your pants and then use the rubber band to rig the button, so that you don’t have to button your pants!  Oh holy sheezaballz. That’s mortifying!  Or maybe you just want to squeeze into that dress you used to look so good in, or your favorite pair of jeans.

I’ve been there. Yeah, that’s why I can help YOU.

I’m Hazel and it’s nice to meet you.  I’m a 40-something rocker chick that let laziness win (that jerk!)  and I ended up gaining over 30 pounds.  At one point, I stopped stepping on the scale, so I don’t really know how much over 30 pounds I gained.  Have you ever done that — AVOIDED the scale?   Anyways, I found a way to drop most of the weight, while enjoying my workouts at home.  I’m still on my weight loss journey and I can help you do the same!  You’re probably thinking, “Did she say, enjoying the workout?  Did she hit her head?”  Seriously, if you can’t have fun doing the workout, you’re not gonna do it.  You will find an excuse to clean your house, wash the dishes or do laundry!

I can help you find a fitness program that you can do AT HOME, on YOUR TIME.  Oh, and you won’t be alone. I’ll be here to coach you virtually via Facebook, and you will also be part of an exclusive private Facebook group to get support from other women.  Achieving your fitness goals of dropping those stubborn pounds or getting started on your journey can’t be done alone. I know this for sure.  I didn’t drop 30 pounds by myself. I needed accountability.  And I can give you that.

Why do virtual coaching? Because you have better things to do with your time and this is a time saver. You don’t have to waste time driving to the gym, waiting for the treadmill to open up, or take a class you don’t like just because it’s the only one offered at the time you’re at the gym.  If you’re travelling, you can still check into the group to stay accountable AND you can also stream your workouts online. HELLO! I like to travel and check out concerts in other cities, so being able to stream a workout — all kinds of awesome!!

Once you pick the workout you want to do, then you pick the time when you can work out.  That part may not be easy — if you’re a 9-5er, you may have to pick early in the morning or evening to workout.  But losing weight is not easy. If it were, everyone would be in a size 2 minidress or walking around in bikinis.

I know you can get results by working out at home AND you can have fun too.  I’m nothing like the scary trainer on that popular reality weight loss show.  I won’t yell at you if you miss a day of working out, or if you had that cheesecake and cocktail at dinner.  But, I will help you get back on track so that you’re not feeling like a can of popped dough.

Are you ready to drop the BS and the weight? Let’s do this! Click here and lets get started!


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