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So I heard that coloring helps with boosting creativity and reduce stress relief.  I haven’t written a book yet, but it def has reduced some stress!! I have to say that I effing LOVE the colored pencils by Prismacolor!!! OMG – talk about smooth!  Just coloring with them, as long as you keep the tip sharp, you should be able to stay within the lines. LOL.  But the pencils are awesome.  They feel very silky – unlike the cheap ass off brand ones that I got as a freebie.  Using those, it was like I was scratching nails on a chalk board.  ICK.  NO. JUST. NO.  But these Prismacolor pencils.  THE BEST!!!  I actually get excited to color now. LOL.  I have several new adult coloring books that I recently got thru Amazon.  Links are below.  When I say adult, they have a few cuss words in there.  LOL.  Check them out. They freaking rock.  if you want to try coloring to reduce stress or boost your creativity – at least get the pencils. They are worth every penny.

This is the coloring book that is pictured above.

I haven’t started coloring in this one yet.

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