Dance your ass off and lose some weight!

Dance your ass off and lose some weight in the process. WHAT?! Yep. You read right. Ok, so I have a brand new challenge group starting August 15. You can choose to do this program -if you love country music, or you can do Cize, if you love hip hop/pop dance music. (Or even 21 day fix or 22 Minute hard corps)

I want to HELP YOU:

+ create a workout schedule that fits your LIFE.

+ stay accountable to being HEALTHY inside & out.

+ learn how to eat the right foods & portion control- WITHOUT giving up chocolate and wine! (Hell freakin’ yeah!!!)

+ become empowered to change your life.


+ talk you off the ledge when you don’t believe in yourself.

+ cheer you on when you #Crushed the day

+ cry with you when life is getting outta control

It doesn’t matter where you live, how in shape our out of shape you are in or HOW CRAZY your schedule is right now…it honestly doesn’t matter if you have vacations planned, are traveling for work or feel you have ZERO time to workout…#IGotYou⠀⠀

So if you honestly know in your gut – pushing any fear aside – that you are ready to make that change [even if you’re scared to death to ask for help] please please PLEASE #CommentBelow.⠀⠀⠀

Use the hand-raising emoji [✋]…Scream MEEEEE or just send me a #PrivateMessage whatever works for you! I wish I could say that we have endless space, but I can only help about 10 ladies each month, as I want to give each of you EVERYTHING I have…so please don’t wait, don’t marinate on it, just GO FOR IT. I’m here, I’m only ever a message or comment away…but YOU have to reach out, YOU have to let me know it’s #Time!


*this is opportunity for non-coaches only
** my ps coaches are always welcomed


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