Day 7 of blog challenge: What is the ONE thing to focus on?

the one thing

What is the one thing I will focus on? I’m all over the place! I’ve always been like that. Like Natalie, I’m filled with ideas but have never focused on actually seeing each idea to completion.

Anyway, I need to learn to focus on one thing for the rest of this year to get my coaching biz going.  What is the one thing I will focus on? I will focus on helping people get healthy in 21 day challenge groups. I used to try to run 90 day groups and found people would drop off after 3 weeks, so now, I think the 21 day challenge is perfect. 

I’d love to know what will be your one thing that you will focus on this year to gain more success.  Otherwise, if you’re like me, and need accountability to get healthy, please message me or comment below.  

Also – if you’d like to join Natalie’s 15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge – you can do so here.  It’s FREE.

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