Day 8 of blog challenge: Plan your year

Today, Natalie is asking us to plan our year and put in 3 goals that we want to achieve. This. Year.

It’s one thing to say that you want to achieve a certain goal, but to actually write it down and tell the world? Kinda effin’ scary if you ask me.  It goes back to having that little gremlin on your shoulder saying, “You can’t do that.”  But in order for me to achieve what I want, I need to tell the world. Eek. 

Plan out your year

Ok. Planning my year.  I went ahead and put in all the non-negotiable events into my calendar – including VACATION TIME.  I like to actually write things out, so I have this very cute Erin Condren planner that I filled in with all the events.  Jeez, it’s only January, and I feel like I’ve already got a busy year.  The PLUS side is though, now that I can look at what is coming up, I can now easily plan what needs to get done before each particular event. This is so much better than just winging it every day. I actually feel less overwhelmed. Duh. 

Now, it’s time to pick dates for each goal that I want to achieve. Hmm, what are those 3 goals?

        *  Lose 10 pounds by March 28

        *  To help at least 33 people get healthy and fit by December 31.  That’s 3 a month if I start in February. 

        *  Move up in rank in my coaching status by May 2

Ok, there it is. My 3 goals this year.  They all align with what I talked about in Day 7 of the challenge. What are the 3 goals you want to achieve this year? 

By the way, you still have time to join Natalie’s 15 Days to Freedom blog challenge! It’s FREE and you can find out more info here.

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