Duran Duran at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley

Recently Duran Duran played a gig at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley.

OMG. It. Was. The. Best. Show. Ever.

I had the best time at the show, and the by the looks on the guy’s faces, they were having a great time too.  I danced the entire time.  My fitbit thougth I walked about 8 miles that night. LOL.

Nile Rodgers and Chic opened up the show and they were amazing. When Nile did a mix of all the songs he had a hand in writing, I was suprised at all the hits. I had no idea.  The man is brilliant!!

Below are just a few of th photos I took that night. There’s hundreds more that I will eventually go through and upload.

Were you lucky to catch Duran Duran on this tour?  I wanna hear about it!

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