Day 1 of blog challenge: Detail out your Daily Success Plan

I’ve let myself get sucked into the facebook newsfeed and/or latest tv show at night –which means that I’m going to bed very late and waking up to annoying alarm clock. Have you ever taken your alarm clock and tossed it across the room, like it’s been done in the movies?

alarm clock

Right now, I wake up, waste time checking facebook and emails, get ready for my day, and then drink my morning shake – which by the way is FANTASTICALLY YUMMY. (Recipes to come!) Anyways, that’s really not a successful way to start my day because I always feel rushed.

I need to change the way I have my mornings structured so that I can actually get more stuff done later on.  What I really need to do is to get up, take 10 minutes to gather my thoughts, write out my to-do list, get out of bed, WORKOUT and THEN get ready for my day.  How do you start your day?

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7 Responses to Day 1 of blog challenge: Detail out your Daily Success Plan

  1. Dee says:

    LOL, in my bad old hectic days I occasionally used to feel like throwing the alarm out the window! But, thanks to a little trick I learned from one of Jack Canfield’s videos, I now plan my day the night before and it has made a world of difference. The link to his video is on my blog if you want to check it out, it’s only a minute long.
    Thanks for your refreshing honesty, I look forward to reading more of your blogs. And please do share some of your shake recipes 🙂

    • hazel says:

      Hey Dee! I checked it out – very cool. I’ve heard suggestion before, but you know how you have to hear something several times before it actually sinks in? Yeah, that’s me. LOL. You have a cool blog by the way!

      • Dee says:

        Yeah, it’s funny how it often takes our brains a while to fully process a new idea after hearing it, LOL! And thanks for checking out my blog Hazel, I’m glad you like it 🙂

  2. I get into a similar funk from time to time. I definitely believe the key is in the night before(and it seems you suspect the same). I stay away from screens and bright lights at night and that helps a lot. Usually end by reading something with actual paper pages.

    Often, I disconnect internet at night too. That way, when I wake up in the morning I at least have to get out of bed if I want to check any e-mails or anything. I look forward to seeing what you have to offer when you can get into the right rhythm.

    • hazel says:

      MJ – AGREED! I’m gonna start leaving cell phone and ipad in the kitchen. Good tip on reading a book instead of e-reader before bed. I’m gonna try that. Anyway, i should turn my computer off around 10 – which means i should turn it off now. LOL

  3. Stevone says:

    I moved my alarm clock across the room so I have to get up to shut it off and I picked the most annoying sound so I really can’t sleep through it. Now if I could just stop strolling instagram and facebook before my morning routine I’d be quite perfect 🙂

    • hazel says:


      LOL. Do what I do, leave phone and ipad in another room so that you don’t see it till you’re ready. I used to wake up at 3 am and look at my phone. *smh*

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