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I need to get organized.  If it’s not written down – I won’t do it.  I’ve tried having a to do list on my phone – but I tend to ignore the reminders.  It’s so easy to swipe away and ignore!   The last two years I tried the Erin Condren planner – even had a custom cover made.  I LOVE that I can have a custom cover created!! I’m a visual person, so it has to look cool for me to use it. 

I never really stuck to using the EC planner.  The layout just doesn’t work for me and their customer service needs to be worked on.  You can read about that issue here.  (If you want an EC planner though, buy it through Staples with the Staples coupon and order the custom cover through the EC website!) 

This time, I decided to try the Kitlife planner.  I haven’t used it yet since it’s for 2017, but I can tell ya what I think of it now. 


Unlike the EC planner, you can’t have custom covers made for it.  The Kitlife planner’s cover is a hardcover and there are only 3 designs to pick from.  None of the designs are something that I would really go for, but I just picked one that seemed the best to me. 

The Kitlife planner’s cover is bigger than the EC cover. It covers the side tabs, unlike the EC planner – where the cover does not.  The side tabs are colorful and exposed on the EC planner.  The Kitlife planner tabs -are a muted color light blueish/greenish color. 

The EC planner is sitting on top of the Kitlife planner

What I do like about the Kitlife planner – is that each day (minus the weekends) has its own dedicated page.  So for those of us who like to write a lot or write rather big this is perfect!!! Plus!! The EC planner does not have this. 


There is an inspirational quote on each page. In the 90s I would have laughed over this one, but now, I do like reading inspirational quotes.  Guess I’m getting older?! LOL.   

Anyways, the Kitlife planner has pace to track your top 3 things to get done that day, as well as your fitness, water intake and what you are grateful for. Oh, it also has a quarterly check in, where you can keep track of your goals. Another plus!!  Sadly the EC planner does not.


Some of you with a pen fetish may be wondering if ink bleeds through the page?  Nope!!! I’ve used a Staedtler triple fineliner pen on it and it didn’t show up on the other side.  PLUS. PLUS. PLUS.  Not sure if a sharpie marker would bleed through though, I’ll have to test that out and get back to you on that one.   

If you’re in direct sales, you can have the direct sales package added.  (Yet, another plus!!!) This is where you can track your business, as well as your downline’s business. It looks like it’s geared more towards direct sales who rely on home parties.  Being a Beachbody coach, this is not something we do, so I am going to have to create my own labels that pertain to the biz or find some on Etsy. #girlboss #coach 

Overall, I like this planner.  It’s got many plusses in my book, I just wish that the colors were bolder instead of more muted.  (Especially on the side tabs).  The customer service of Kitlife — I freaking love them!!  I emailed them and got a response a few minutes later!   That has never happened with the EC group. Also, the shipping was really quick too – and I didn’t pay extra for expedited shipping. 

So a big THANK YOU, GRAZIE, GRACIAS, SALAMAT, MERCI to the ladies who run Kitlife.  #kitlifeplanner #kitlife

Opening the box and I found candy and gold stars.

that’s the removable “dashboard” that can hold a master to do list. I may laminate that To Do list so that I can just use an erasable pen and reuse it.

Just thought the stamp on the box was cute.

There is a doodle break at the end of each month

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