P90 – sculpt routine – day 1

p90-workoutOk, so I’ve put myself on a workout time out because of my foot. I’ve got a stupid heel spur and plantar faciitis, I know some people have said that heel spurs don’t hurt, but I think they’re lying. I have foot pain daily. It’s been a year and I should have it looked at again, although I have a doc who is not very supportive. Since my workout time out, I’ve gained some weight. It sucks feeling like a can of croissant dough about to pop in my clothes. Ugh. I seriously hate that feeling. So, I decided to take myself off of time and to start P90, the sculpt routine. It’s Tony Horton’s newest workout. I haven’t done a crazy cardio routine in a long time and with my foot – there is no way in hell I can get back into Inasnity or Turbo Fire. I guess I could do TF modified, but when I workout, I totally wanna go full out. So TF has been shelved for now.

Anyways, P90 Sculpt A done. It wasn’t overly difficult. A beginner can totally do this workout. it’s not insane like P90x or Insanity. I am sweating and my foot did hurt during the warm ups. Note to self, no jogging in place. Owie! Damn. I had to modifiy how I placed my foot during the workout, but for the most part, I could get through the workout with minor aches. Now it’s off to ice my foot and take some turmeric for inflamation. Laters!



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