A review of my Erin Condren experience

ErinCondren Planner

A couple of months ago, a fellow coach mentioned in a comment that she uses the Erin Condren life planner to plan and organize her days. She posted a picture of a really cute and colorful planner. Now, I know everything is a digital now, but I do like having an actual physical planner. I started googling Erin Condren planners and came across many reviews of customized planners. Each one getting cuter by the web page. I checked out the website and loved what I saw. After going back and forth for about 3 weeks, I decided to order one. This was July 31, 2014. My targeted ship date was supposed to be August 20, 2014. Damn, I really have to wait that long? I decided to pay for overnight shipping so that I would get it faster, instead of waiting another week after the shipping date. 

Days go by and I get an email from customer service saying, “Congratulations! Your order status has changed to pending.”  ???  It’s been in “pending” status since July 31, 2014. I emailed the company asking what the deal was. I got a response from customer service saying that they were in the midst of upgrading their computer system. (From what I have recently read, they have been upgrading their system since last december 2013). Finally on August 19, I got an e-mail from the company saying that my order SHIPPED! YES! I was so excited to finally get the planner. I paid for overnight shipping, so I assumed that I would get the planner the next day. They did send me an e-mail saying that my order SHIPPED. Shipped means that it was shipped, it should be on its way to its destination. 

The next day, I checked FedEx to see where in the system it was. It hadn’t even been given to FedEx yet!! It never left the EC office. I emailed them to ask about that and if I could get a discount on my “overnight” shipping, since technically it wasn’t overnight shipping. I got a canned response on August 22.  “The shipping notification that we have sent you is our way of letting our customers know that your order has been queued for shipping and does not necessarily mean that it has already left our studio.”   So they just sent me a shipping notification – maybe their stupid e-mail should have said, “Your ordered is ready and will be shipped out SOON”  NOT the e-mail saying “Your Order has been shipped”.    

Anyway, I finally got my planner delivered and I was thrilled to see the box. I opened it to find it neatly wrapped in green tissue paper and bubble wrap. Cool,I thought. I pulled the planner out and thought the cover wasn’t as cute as it was displayed online – thats ok. I can live with that. I opened the planner to check out the inside. The paper is not what i thougth it would be. The paper is smooth, but for the price of the planner, I thought the paper would be glossier. It’s kinda cheap.  Ink will bleed through to the otherside.  

I pulled the bubble wrap out of the box and realized that they forgot to pack two more items. I ordered a special summer pack, that included pens, as well as bands to go over the planner. I have e-mailed, tweeted and messaged Erin Condren, but the only response I have received, is from Twitter. Twitter seems to be the only way to get in touch with someone affiliated with Erin Condren. (Update – someone from EC did respond via e-mail 2 days later to say they would ship out the missing items – which took another week to get – and again, I paid for overnight shipping). 

I have since found many reviews of the really poor customer service. I keep hoping for the best, but it seems that Erin condren company are pretending that the negative reviews don’t exist. It’s a shame. On top of that, there are some serious EC fans out there who have started up “planner gate” in private facebook groups.  It’s kind of comical to see grown women act like high schoolers.  Apparently, you can’t be a member of several EC fan groups, you could only be a member of a particular one.  Kinda funny.

Anyways – the planner is cute though. I’m a very visual person and with colorful pens and washi tape, I could have fun with this planner. I can plan out my future to keep myself on track.  But the moral of the story – DON’T PAY FOR OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Update:  I was going through the month of October and noticed that my month ENDS on October 26.  Do I not get to celebrate Halloween?!?!?!!?  WTH.  I’m off to email Erin Condren – they don’t have a phone number that you can call and actually get a live person.

 Also- yes, ink does bleed thru paper.  *smh*

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