PiYo/P90x3 hybrid workout

Ok, so I do have workout ADD. I try and stick to 90 days to one workout and I end up getting bored.  Does that ever happen to you? For awhile now, I was just randomly picking a workout to do and have noticed that I’m just maintaining my weight instead of losing weight. Yeah, it would help if I counted  calories and stopped drinking wine.  No, I don’t drink wine every night and no, I will not be a stickler and count every single calorie that I eat or drink.  But I will up my strength training. As Chalene says, “Muscle burns fat!”

I’ve decided to try a hybrid of PiYo and P90x3. Workout number 1 was PiYo Sculpt. Midway through the first half of the workout, had me wondering if I would be able to walk up or down stairs tomorrow.  My glutes were on fire!  LOL

PiYo P90x3 hybrid

I’ll be modifying alot of the moves in this hybrid since I still have bad plantar fasciitis in my foot. No jumping for me until the pain goes away. (Does it go away for good? Anyone else have plantar fasciitis? How long have you had it?)

So, I’ll report at the end of the week to let ya know how I was doing.

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