Random thoughts while watching Walking Dead Season 3 episodes

Not trusting the “governor”.

Oh noooo he got glenn and maggie.

So the calls were not real? ‪#‎walkingdead‬ he’s losing his mind.

Is the scientist evil?

Fast forwarding thru season 3.

The scientist is an idiot. The governor needs to go.

She stabbed him in the eye!!! DAY-UM

Andrea your boyfriend is an ahole

Merle – shut up! Good comic timing

OMG – I just agreed with Merle!

OMG – Merle is cracking me up.

Dangit – just when i started liking Merle – they kill him. the governor just needs to go, and maggie – dont ya wonder WHERE the ring came from???Aw man, at least it was Daryl who ended it. Bet he’ll be pissed now.

Carl has issues.

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