Rockin out in Vegas

So my day began with Beachbody meetings.  (Which were freakin’ awesome by the way.  Got some info on a new Asylum 2!! Woot!)  Anyways, by the time 4PM hit, all I could think about was – “how much longer is this me

eting? I gotta go!”  I pretty much snuck out of my meeting and headed to my hotel room to get ready for the show.  Considering it was Vegas and about 1,000 degrees outside – I decided there was no need to put on full makeup or even wear my fave pair of rocker sh*tkicker boots.  Too freakin’ hot.  Anyways – after getting ready and getting to the venue.  On a whim, my friend and I decided to check with the box office to see if they had better tickets than what we had.  I was kinda kicking myself for not going for the tix I saw on stubhub earlier that morning.  It was third row in front of Phil. Oh well.  The chick at the box office told us all of sections 1,

2 and 3 were sold out.  She looked at our existing tickets and said that we had pretty good seats.  OK, I thought. We shall see.  Everyone’s opinion of good seats are different. What you consider good seats, I may not.

Anyway, once inside the amphitheater – I headed straight for the merchandise.  I had to get my t-shirts while the lines were short.  Next stop, water.  The scary thing about being in dry heat, you never realize you’re dehydrated until it’s too late.  So drink up people if you go to Vegas over the summer. Guzzle that water down.

After we found the right entrance to walk through, I was amazed at how SMALL the venue was.  It’s tiny compared to other amphitheaters I’ve been in.  I really don’t think any seat is a bad seat.  We found our seats in Section 6, row F.  My one complaint about this venue- they don’t number their seats.  You have to count each seat until you get to the right now – hopefully no one interrupts you while you’re counting so you don’t have to start over!! So for 30 mins, I pretty much entertained myself by watching people count seats and getting frustrated when they lost count.

Oh – let’s not forget people watching.  Seriously – what is it with people dressing up in wigs and/or looking like Madonna at rock shows?  Just because the band started in the late 70s/80s does not mean it’s a freakin costume contest at the concert?????  I don’t get that.  Now, if it were a Steel Panther show –then OK, I get it – but it’s not. It’s a regular rock concert!!!!

At 7 sharp Lita Ford comes on.  WOW. She looked great and she sounded great!!!! I was really impressed at how she put on a great show – even though majority of the seats were empty.  I wish I could have gone up to the front just to watch her.

Poison was on next.  Even though I saw Bret Michaels (solo tour) the Saturday before, I pretty much almost lost my mind when Poison hit the stage. They are so much fun live.  Too many bands today are just too serious and mad at the world.  For me, music is supposed to be FUN – a temporary escape away from your reality.

After Poison, my friend and I were sitting in our seats, trying to facebook.  TRYING.  Verizon sucks do

nkey balls in Vegas – HELLOOOO-  it was an outside venue. I should have been able to get on facebook easily. I couldn’t upload or download anything!  So while I’m sitting there cussing out my phone, I hear this male voice behind me.  “Hazel?”  Scared the CRAP outta me.  My friend Andi and I both jumped. It was pretty funny.  I turn around and I see this guy with a nice smile and he says (if I remember correctly) “Here is a memento from mdl” and hands me a rolled up white t-shirt.   So I take the t-shirt and unroll it and see that Rick Allen signed “For Hazel Rock On! Rick Allen”   HOLY CRAPOLA!!! WHAT?

To the guy and gal who gave me the shirt – I can’t remember if I said thank you, so – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  You seriously made my night. I was in shock at first – not sure if you could tell.  It made up for having gigantor and girlfriend (and girlfriend’s iPhone) standing i

n front of me and blocking my view.

When Def Leppard hit the stage – I was stuck in line at one of the “bars” trying to get water.  I missed the first song thanks to 2 guys who were busy flirting with the blonde bar tender.  Oh yeah, I was getting ticked.  If didn’t get water, I would have passed out at the show. So I had to wait in line.  The venue is not well equipped with how they work the refreshments. Tip – when you get to the amphitheater – buy you stuff FIRST thing.  If ya have to double fist the drinks –do it.  Otherwise you are wasting time in lines.  Oh – and FYI – the restrooms – all port-a-potties.

After I got my water – I bought 4 bottles for a total of $16 – serious price gouging for 6 ounce water bottles.  (Or was it 8 ounces?) I ran back to my seat and no one, in my row, would move out of my way. So I just climbed onto the seats and walked to my seat that way.

I can’t remember the entire set list.  I do remember singing my heart out for the songs.  If you were sitting next to me and you were recording the show – I apologize for my awful, off key singing.  LOL.

During one part of the show, when the guys came out and did the acoustic stuff – my friend Andi pointed out how it signified unity.  It kinda gave me chills.  Think about it – they have stuck together all these years.

The rest of the show – kind of a blur now.  I sat through the entire film they played at the end of the show.  I LOVED how they had “Thank You” and “Good Night” at the end.  I wish I could tell them in person THANK YOU.  Other bands need to take a lesson from Def Leppard.  That was the best show I had been to – and I’m a concert junkie.  I sang and danced my heart out.  My voice was gone, my feet hurt like hurt like hell– but I didn’t care. I had such a damn good time that I

am soooo looking forward to the Concord, CA show now.  I need to figure out how I can get a picture of me with Rick Allen and the shirt to make it complete now.

Thank you MDL.  Thank you to the anonymous couple who delivered the shirt to me. THANK YOU!!!

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