She said what?

Soooo, I decided to get on a packed train. Usually, I hop on one train going the other way, ride up a few stops, then jump on another train going the opposite way, to get a seat. Anyways, I see an empty seat. I walk towards it and this maybe 20-something girl has her legs across the seat next to her. (No one dared to ask her if they could sit??) I smile ask her if I can sit there. She stops her phone convo for a second, gives me this crazy look and then sits up properly so that I can sit.

THEN (I am not making this up) she continues her phone convo with “Bitch, I been to jail 6 times already. Mmmmm hmmmmm. I knoooow what it’s like.” She doesnt even look 21. After a 10 min phone convo, she then calls another number and tells the person that she put $25 on her account and when she looked , 8 bucks was already deducted. That she hadn’t talked on her phone yet. I wanted to turn to her and say “Bitch, you just talked for 10 mins.” I didn’t.  

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