How I finally stopped skipping my workouts

I have to admit that before I started running accountability groups, I never really stuck to a workout program. I would tell myself, I’ll workout, then end up giving up when I let life get in the way.

Now that I run accountability groups on a monthly basis, I find that I HAVE TO workout to stay accountable. I’m asking the participants, mostly women, to try a particular workout/nutrition program. So, I need to stay on track, otherwise I’d feel like a hypocrite.  No, I don’t have the hard body of a bikini competitor. I love food and wine. But I know for a fact, I’d be a lot heavier today if I didn’t workout. I find that having the accountability really does push me to stay on track.

I used to be about 15 pounds heavier.  That may not sound like much to most people, but for my height – 4’11” – it was alot. Especially since right now, I am 15 pounds over my goal weight.  So, I if I had that extra 15 pounds on top of the 15 I have now.  Yucko.

With my current group, I’m making sure I stick to the workouts. This round of 21 Day Fix workouts are tougher this time. I let my workouts slack when I decided to not coach and run accountability groups last year. I used the excuse that because I was injured (my foot), I couldn’t work out. The excuse was total bs. I could workout – as long as I modified my movements. I didn’t – which I why I’m 15 pounds heavier. Food + laziness = bigger clothing sizes, flabby, ugly arms and extreme muffin top. (That’s my personal experience.) So now I’m back to coaching and running the groups! (I even decided study for the ACE personal trainer exam!)

Anyways, I love it when I get texts or messages from participants who find out that after 21 days, their clothes fit looser, they have more energy, they’re happier, or that they’re starting to see some muscle definition. It’s a total win/win.  They’re happy, I’m happy.

What is this accountability group that I run? Well, it’s a virtual monthly group that only runs for 21 days. Each person is required to check in with the private facebook group daily. I ask each participant to purchase what Beachbody calls a challenge pack.

fitness + accountability + nutrition + fun = success

What’s a challenge pack? It’s the total package – the workout AND nutrition in one. It’s everything YOU need to start your health and fitness transformation.

What’s so great about challenge pack? First of all, it’s saving you lots of TIME. There is none of this wasting time to drive to a gym and waiting for a particular machine to be free, or hoping that the group fitness class isn’t too full, that you can still squeeze into the back row, if you’re running a few minutes behind. Also, there is no awkward locker room moments with people who like to stand there talking to you naked.  None of that. You workout at home ON YOUR TIME. HELLOOOO. Who doesn’t want to save time?

So, if you’d like to know more, or be part of an upcoming group, comment below or send me an email at

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20 Responses to How I finally stopped skipping my workouts

  1. Love your authenticity and vulnerability. I don’t relate to exercise but I can relate to being accountable to stay on track in many areas of my life. I have that with buddies in a transformational group outside of social media. I belong to a few FB groups which I took on to use to do a weekly blog & to try new platforms. So I know it works.

  2. Great to hear how you have incorporated your commitment to yourself into the work you do with others. It is very easy to get off track in all areas of our lives, so keeping your word to yourself and being in integrity is truly the place to start. Accountability always starts with us! Thanks for sharing how you’ve integrated your personal life with your work.

  3. Hi Hazel,

    Loved your post and how you shared how you committed to working out and taking care of yourself by eating right and became accountable each and every day with your group!

    I know it is difficult to stay focused, but as long as you focus and do it consistently you will have success 🙂

    As I totally know what you mean as I just started working out myself and joined a gym back in September and it feels so good!


    Have a great week!

    Take care,

  4. Absolutely get having the group for accountability. Keeps you motivated to stay on top! Thanks for sharing that, it’s motivating. 🙂

  5. Renee says:

    Love the idea of not having to drive to the gym, cuts down on one of the many excuses I have to Not workout. I know it’s terrible of me, but accountability partners will work for me! Thanks so much 🙂

    • hazel says:

      Thanks Renee – I was full of excuses of why I should skip the gym. too tired, no parking, no free lockers, all machines are being used, etc. that’s why i workout at home. i cant use any of those excuses!

  6. Good for you! I need to get back to workout routine myself. I start for a week and then stop, because something comes up (damn you, resistance!). Accountability group sounds like a good idea. I’m thinking to tweet or blog about my yoga practice to keep myself accountable.

  7. Great post. Accountability partners or groups make a great deal of difference when it come to work outs and weight lost for many people.

    I’ve let workout slack off due to injuries and other responsibilities and it is tough to get back in the habit. A good reminder to check back in with a group of very supportive women that I haven’t connected with in a while.

  8. Hi Hazel, I can so relate to everything you were saying about making excuses and not being accountable yourself, though you were asking others to be accountable. This is a great post in which you are being vulnerable and accountable. I’m guilty of making those excuses – my knee hurts, my foot, my hip, it’s too cold, it’s too hot, etc. I’ve made them all! I have joined an accountability group for my business – so that I make myself get up earlier on a Monday regardless of my appointments for the day – accountability groups do help!

  9. Okay, I am loving this article! First off, as a coach myself, I love accountability groups. I run several of them for my coaching practice. Secondly, as a future bride, anything that will help me reach my goal weight is already a win! I have been so bad with my food intake and my exercise levels but I actually know what I’m supposed to be doing. I just have been choosing not to while August 2015 (my wedding month) is looming in the near distance. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Thanks!!!

  10. Dalisse says:

    It is so very important to have an accountability partner to help encourage and keep you motivated when it comes to working out, especially on those days that you are so drained. My daughter is my partner and she make sure she tells me not to fall through. Begs to go to the gym to meet with our local FREE fitness group. If it weren’t for her I think I’d be a beach

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