Day 13 Challenge: Which ONE thing are you going to introduce into your life that is going to help your mind, body or soul?

Day 13 of the 15 Days to Freedom blog challenge! This one will be really short! Natalie asked what is the one thing that I could introduce into my life to help my mind, body or soul.  I already workout, eat healthy food and have started reading more personal development … Continue reading

Day 12 Challenge: What work and life clutter are you going to remove to be more of a minimalist and free up space for you?

Day 12! I’m sticking with this blog challenge – sort of. Today Natalie is asking about clutter. What will I get rid of to free up space? Funny that she asked this today. This past weekend, the reason why I failed to blog on time, was because I was decluttering … Continue reading

Day 11 Challenge: What ONE thing will you do each day to get more you time this year?

In today’s challenge, Natalie asked what is the one thing that I will do get more “me” time, so that I am more calm, and relaxed. Well, this is an easy question to answer. MASSAGE. HELLOOOO. It’s actually been a couple of months since my last massage, so I do … Continue reading

Day 9 Challenge: What one system or tool are you going to introduce to streamline your life?

In today’s challenge, Natalie asks what is the one system or tool that I will be using to streamline things.  Easy, Google for everything.  For years I was a PC user, so I’m used to Word.  I’m now a Mac user and sometimes Pages annoys me. I find it much … Continue reading