Kitlife planner

I need to get organized.  If it’s not written down – I won’t do it.  I’ve tried having a to do list on my phone – but I tend to ignore the reminders.  It’s so easy to swipe away and ignore!   The last two years I tried the Erin Condren … Continue reading

Day 3 of blog challenge: Which ONE tool are you going to use to become more productive?

Today’s challenge had me rethinking what I was using to be more productive. I was using Todist – but somehow some of my tasks would disappear without me having to check them off. It’s possibly operator error, but it wasn’t helping me stay productive. I would end up ignoring the … Continue reading

A review of my Erin Condren experience

A couple of months ago, a fellow coach mentioned in a comment that she uses the Erin Condren life planner to plan and organize her days. She posted a picture of a really cute and colorful planner. Now, I know everything is a digital now, but I do like having … Continue reading