Random thoughts while watching the first half of season 4 of the Walking Dead

[Don’t read this if you have NOT  watched season 4 of Walking Dead yet!]

Who is that Grudge girl that Rick is walking with? season 4 ep 1

The harry potter looking kid just died in the shower.

Zombie in shower!!! Zombie in shower!!!!

He’s a quiet zombie. 

Aw damn. Theres a flu bug going around the prison.

Helllooooo a fence wont stop a crowd.

They need a flame thrower.

Which moron(s) is feeding the zombies? Those 2 little girls? 

Where did they find those pigs in the first place? 

Those little girls need to have the shit scared out of them to realize the situation they’re in. The zombies aren’t pets.

Carol should be allowed to teach the kids to defend themselves.

Helloooo your girlfriend is a zombie.

Wait who was the other body that was burned? 

Hopefully those graves are not near their well water.

Tyrese needs to have his ass kicked. 

Oh and he did get his ass kicked. Don’t mess with Rick.

Is it wrong that I’m hungry, while watching?

She looks like hell. Uh oh.

Oh noooo the doctor.

Um, the baby is sick isn’t she? 

He’s gathering herbs for the sick. 

OMG OMG OMG thats more than a heard. That’s Woodstock. 

No little girl. You’re an idiot. 

What lacey thinks about the #walkingdeadasleep

Damn. I loved how Daryl just went up to the alcoholic. Just got in his face and stared him down.

Nooooooooooo. Was not expecting that. ‪

Heh? Confused.  He kicked Carol out the group?!