The Walking Dead

Ok, so I am sooooo late the party.  Back in December, a friend of mine introduced me to the first season of Walking Dead.  Yes, the FIRST season.  I had never seen the show.  I was a fan of Andrew Lincoln from the movie Love Actually  – that scene where she finds out that he’s in love with her, he leaves, cue Dido song  — OMG.  Anyways – when my friend said that he stars in it, I said I’d give the show a try.

OMG – I was hooked after the first episode. After several episodes, I could see why so many people are obsessed with that show.  You start to look at every day life differently – escape routes, places to camp out during the zombie apocalypse –  Costco would rock! LOL.

Anyways, thought I  would post my random thoughts of the show while I binge watch (sort of) WalkingDead on Netflix.  If you haven’t watched the show yet, don’t read my other blog posts.  If you have, which character is your fave?  I’m partial to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) but I also like Daryl too — and ended up liking Merle in the end.

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