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OK, so a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be able to attend Chalene Johnson’s Smart Success live event. (Thank you hubby for letting me go!) There must have been something in the air this year, because the event was absolutely incredible. I’ve been to many seminars before where I’ve left feeling overwhelmed and more confused. I mean, I get excited about what the speakers talk about, but I never really know how to process the information and where to start after I get home.  Ever felt like that? Am I the only one?

Photo by Debbie Lefever

Chalene and Bret Johnson. Photo by Debbie Lefever

As an entrepreneur, are you wondering where the hell you start and how others do things? Chalene nailed it. Smart Success is different. Chalene has taken everything she has learned from her mentors, Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard and Jeff Walker and broke it down into smaller chunks for those of us who tend to get distracted by shiny objects.

Questioning her success? She took everything she learned from those guys, and put it into play. She always wanted to write a book and have it make the New York Times Best Sellers list. Well, she did it. She wrote her book and it made the NYT Best Sellers list. So for the writers out there, you need to learn from her!  Her podcast has also ranked high in iTunes – and it hasn’t even been a year yet!

Chalene had several guest speakers at the even this year. Two of them were popular podcast/entreprenuer gurus; Lewis Howes, from the popular podcast, School of Greatness, and Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. I’ll get to them later.  Right now, I wanna talk about another guest speaker.  His name is Bo Eason.  HE. WAS. AH-MAZING.  He’s a former NFL player, now actor, playwright and speaker.

That man commanded the stage for an hour. Not once did my mind stray from watching his performance. I didn’t have the need to check my phone for any notifications.  In fact, I forgot I had my phone sitting on the table in front of me!  I loved the story of how his dream as a kid was to become the best safety in the NFL and he achieved it, even when people didn’t believe in him.  By the end of his performance, I felt like I had gone on the same journey he had.

Bo teaches people how to tell their story with passion. I have never seen anything like that at any of seminars I have been to in the past, and I’ve been to many. You’re probably wondering what the hell story telling has to do with Smart Success. Well, he teaches you how to connect with people and grab their attention, make them forget they have to pee or check their phones.  😉  Has that ever happend to you?  You’re watching a perfomance and you just forget about real life for a moment?

Photo by Debbie Lefever

Bo Eason. Photo by Debbie Lefever

Lewis Howes was a big ball of energy on the stage. The dude is entertaining to watch.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about him until I saw him speak.  He was former athlete who ended up broke and sleeping on couches until he figured out that he can make serious money online.  He’s now a popular podcast host, a speaker and lifestyle coach.

Another guest speaker was Dr. Mcayla Sarno. Dr. Sarno is an EMDR specialist and can help you get through some mental road blocks. Let’s face it, we all have mental road blocks right? Her presentation was powerful and brought some people to tears.

In keeping with Smart Success. You definintely need a money person.  She brought in Mel Abraham, a CPA, author and entreprenuer.  He talked about how you should protect yourself and your assets.  I won’t go into detail because frankly – I can’t remember what he talked about.  Eek! I know, but I have his book so I can read it and start the process.

The last speaker of the weekend was Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.  I was excited for this one. Chalene threw a party the night before for  her VIPs.  Pat was walking into the room, as I was about to walk out. I recognized him immediately.  I asked him if he was going to speak the next day. I mean, why else would he be at the cocktail party?  He didn’t answer at first, but then said he was.  YES! He’s one cool dude, and no I’m not saying that just because he’s also (part) filipino. Have you listened to his podcast? I just started listening to it a couple of months ago.  What you hear in the podcast is all him. He’s just like that in person.  Pat’s presentation delivered, just as I expected. It was about how to get raving fans. Sounds kinda funny, but think about, if you are a podcaster, writer, speaker – hell, an entreprenuer, you want raving fans. #duh

Pat Flynn. Photo by Debbie Lefever

Pat Flynn. Photo by Debbie Lefever

Smart Success live is not just some rah-rah event that makes you feel gooey inside. You leave there with a better idea on how to structure your day and become more successful in your life and business. Plus, you get to meet some awesome like-minded people there. There’s truth to the saying, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  So, it’s probably time to stop hanging out with those Negative Nellies.

Oh, it’s also not just a live event; there is the online academy that is available 24/7. She will teach you how you can figure out what your priorities are, how to create and achieve smart goals, reverse engineer your day, and how to work less to enjoy life. (Even if you haven’t figured out what your business will be yet.) HELLO – who doesn’t want that?! If you are familiar with Chalene, this may sound like her 30 Day Push. 30 Day Push just scratches the surface of what she teaches. It’s like the covering of a pincode you have to use a penny to scratch off.  Smart Success goes deep into the glam trenches and makes it all clear. By the time you finish the online program and attend the live event, you’ll be saying, “DUH! That’s how they do it!”

Learn how to work less and play more!

You sooo need to do this. The live event only happens once a year.  But you can dive into the Smart Success modules now, and learn from someone who knows what she’s doing.  (She speaks on Brendon Burchard’s stage and has spoken on Brian Tracy’s stage too.) So, yeah, I’m an affiliate for Chalene, but I believe 1000% in how she teaches. If you want to learn from the best and have a seat saved for the next live event, sign up here. It will sell out and this will be your secret IN to the next event!

Comment below if you want to work less and play more! 



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11 Responses to What is Smart Success

  1. I took on learning about social media marketing a year ago for my on-line business and signed up for every free webinar. Bought programs and modules and often experienced what you did. How do I process this info, where do I begin, what and how. For me, the answer came in the way of finding the right coach and belonging to just a few groups. I now let free webinars pass me by, I don’t try to understand material I’m not ready for. It is all a learning process. So happy for you that this seminar hit the mark for you. Thanks for sharing.

    • hazel says:

      Yeah, eventually you will have to just stop learning and start doing. It’s funny how we can hear the same thing over and over, and do nothing with it. But you hear someone else describe it in a different way and BAM – it all makes sense.

  2. Deb Nelson says:

    Wow – she sure put together a powerhouse lineup of speakers for her event! That room must have been filled to capacity with energy. Sounds like she nailed the day from start to finish. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish and learn when your energy is at a high level. Good for you for connecting with Chalene. Her positive approach has great potential!!

    • hazel says:

      Yeah she did. She learned from the best and is now teaching what she learned in her words and it makes it more acccessible.

  3. I can really feel your enthusiasm for Chalene’s “Smart Success” programme and how amazing that she was able to learn from some of the top, respected teachers herself and then distill the ingredients down to digestible size. I’ve also gone to Expert Academy (Brendon Burchard) and have many many modules from so many of the tops in the industry. The key is to find what resonates with you and what motivates you. Love that she had former athletes who are now teaching the value of storytelling. Bravo to her for having a diverse range of speakers to excite and motivate her audience! Appreciate the info on your experience with Smart Success.

    • hazel says:

      I LOVE Brendon! Have you gone to World’s Greatest Speaker? I think it’s his best program out there. Yeah, soooooo much better than EA hands down.

  4. Wow I felt your excitement almost like I was there myself! It must have have been quite the opportunity to rub shoulders with such amazing thought- leaders and even everyday folk in the audience lapping up fabulous info, inspiration and ideas.

    I felt compelled to google some of these guys and I didn’t waste my time. They certainly are the change agents in their industry with an authentic, heart-warming story that we can all relate to.

    I’m glad you got so much out of Chalene Johnson’s Smart Success live event and look forward to it translating in to passive income or whatever you desire. I wish you very success in your endeavours Hazel. 🙂

  5. Hi Hazel,
    Wow what a great review on what is smart success 🙂 Sounds like you had a great time and learned some valuable tips!
    Thanks for sharing your experience!!

  6. Renee says:

    Hi Hazel, I certainly like the idea of working less and playing more, mostly, because it is while at play that you can get in touch with your passions. I love the concept of Smart Success, one really needs to know how to grab the audience’s attention, while still providing value. Great info, keep it coming 🙂

  7. Sounds like an amazing event. From your descriptions, I wish I had been there. Smart success is definitely duplicating the processes of successful people. Why invent the wheel?

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