Why coaching?

Someone asked me why I became a Beachbody coach.  Good question.  Mainly, for the discount.  I love all the stuff Beachbody puts out.  By the time I signed up to be a coach, I already had a big library of workouts.

I started out with P90x.  Like everyone else, while watching the infomercial, I thought I could totally do the workout!  Yeah, I was so wrong.  I was completely out of shape and felt like I wanted to throw up the first couple of times.  (Which is funny now, considering I’ve graduated to Insanity and TurboFire).

Anyway, I needed to start with Power 90 instead.  After a few months of doing Power 90, I got bored with it and ordered Turbo Jam.  I was a fan of the turbo kick workouts at the gym and Tae Bo (remember that one?!).  So I thought I’d give Turbo Jam a try.  (I had no idea that Chalene Johnson, the creator for Turbo Jam, was also the one who created Turbo Kick that is taught in gyms around the world!)

I was really enjoying Turbo Jam and decided to get online and find other people to connect with who were also doing it.  It’s a fun workout. I found myself singing some of the songs to myself during the day. HELLO?! Workout songs? WHAT?  No other workout had done that for me.  The community of people I came across had the same reactions that I had about the workout.  We had a great time doing it, and we had the songs stuck in our heads during the day.  Ever have that happen to you?

I pretty much stayed in communities like SparkPeople and didn’t venture out  – until I decided to get a Twitter account.  That opened up a whole other world for me.  I started posting about Turbo Jam and ChaLEAN Extreme and was floored when Chalene’s own sister, Jenelle, tweeted me.

Holy crap -was that really her?   We tweeted back and forth about the workouts and she mentioned chocolate peanut butter Shakeology.  I remember thinking – what the hell?  How come I never heard anything about that flavor?  She asked if I had tried chocolate Shakeology.  I told her that I had and I thought it was gross.  I admitted that I only mixed it with water the first time.  ICK.  Serious ICK.

She sent me a sample and specifically told me to blend it with 2 cups water, peanut butter, a banana and ice.  So I did.  Hot damn it was good!  I was really surprised and thought it was a fluke.  I ordered only 1 box – a month’s supply.  After that month, I decided to become a coach, with Jenelle as my coach, for the discount.  Almost 2 & 1/2 years later, I’m still on it.  I love how it’s cleared up some stomach issues I had.  I don’t crave sweets like I did and my energy is up.  Also, while everyone else gets sick all the time, I’ve been pretty lucky.  If I did catch a cold, it didn’t stay with me for very long.  I would probably be down for a day, while everyone else was down for a week.

So, yeah, I became a coach for the 25% discount. I also love turning people on to Shakeology and helping them find their soul mate workout.  If you want to find out more, just email me!  I’d be happy to give you more info.

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